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Packing Guide For A Stress-Free Move

Books, Papers & Files:

Pack books flat to protect their spine, use small boxes to keep weight manageable. Do not put books or pictures in dresser drawers.

Lamps, Shades & Rugs:

Wrap lamp shades in tissue & put in cartons marked "Fragile: Top Load Only." Pack delicate lamps & vases in boxes. For local moves, lamps can be wrapped in moving pads.

Important Papers, Jewelry & Valuables:

Keep important documents & records with you in a safe place during your move. Do not leave valuables in dressers or night stands. No mover will be responsible for the loss of these items.

Mirrors, Pictures & Glass:

Wrap mirrors, pictures & glass in bubble wrap, then pack into Mirror Cartons. Leave large glass & marble table tops in place, we will move them or crate them as needed. Your estimate for moving will cover your particular need for these services

Items that must be disposed of:

Properly dispose of flammables & corrosives such as pool acid, bleach, lighter fluid, paint cans & spray cans.

Box Selection:

Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes, as a rule. Common sense is your most valuable tool. Fill boxes to the top, leaving no empty space.

China, Dishes, Crystal & Other Breakables:

Wrap each piece separately in bubble wrap or packing paper. Nesting glasses, cups & bowls. Stand plates & platters on end. Stand stemware upside-down or sideways, never on the stem. Liberally wad or loosely-crumple packing paper or bubble wrap for extra padding.
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