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Moving Supplies: Tools, Equipment, and Materials for an Efficient Move

Moving is a complicated project for which you need a good plan. You also need the right supplies to execute an efficient move. Some of these supplies are things you already have, while others you probably don't have. Here are some of the supplies you may need for a move.
Moving Equipment
You need to get your items out of the house and onto the moving truck, which is difficult and dangerous if you have heavy items. You can slip and fall, drop and damage the items, or even strain and injure your back.
Certain equipment can help you move heavy items safely, including:
  • Hand-trucks and dollies for pushing heavy things
  • Straps or ropes to carry heavy things
  • Stair-rollers to get items up or down the stairs
The specific equipment you need depends on your house's layout and the weight and size of your items. Whatever you do, don't attempt to get heavy things out of the house without the help of equipment or a tool.
Tool Kit
You should disassemble big items to reduce their effective sizes and weight during transportation. Disassembled items are also less likely to get damaged than assembled ones. A good assortment of tools will help you disassemble your big items, disconnect your appliances and electronics, and put them back together once you reach your destination.
For example, you should take apart big pieces of furniture, entertainment setups (such as the TV on the wall), and big appliances like as washer-dryers. While you may not need or want to disassemble these items completely, you should at least take apart any moving parts. Using improvised tools for this task takes time and risks injuries and damages. Instead, make sure you have a screwdriver, hammer, flashlight, and a pair of pliers on hand.
You also need some tools for packing. For example, you are almost certain to require a pair of scissors and a utility knife, at the very least. The specific tools you need depend on your packing materials, type of furniture, and appliances.
Cushioning Materials and Equipment
Protect your house during a move. If you don't, you might damage the walls, stairs, elevator, doorways and other parts of the house that the heavy items might come into contact with. For example, you can damage the carpet or flooring if you drag heavy pieces of furniture across the floor.
Protective materials and tools can help you avoid the damage. Use moving blankets or cardboard boxes to protect your flooring or carpet. Use soft materials, such as old towels, to wrap up sharp edges of furniture to prevent damage. You can also use furniture rollers so that furniture legs don't scratch the floor.
Packing Materials
Packing is a critical stage in a moving project, and you need the right materials for it. Some of the packing materials you need include:
  • An assortment of moving boxes of different sizes and strength for your moving items
  • Padding materials, such as protective foam or old clothing, to protect your items during the move
  • Masking tape and ropes to secure your packed boxes
  • Markers to label your moving boxes for ease of identification and safe handling
The exact packing materials depend on what you want to pack. Even if you know how to pack, your packing efforts won't be effective if you don't have the right materials.
The good news is that you don't have to struggle to find all these moving supplies on your own. Most moving companies provide packing materials, tools, and equipment. Your moving company can even pack and unpack for you at an additional fee. Contact Superior Economy Moving for a quote on moving and related services; we will be glad to help you relocate.
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