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How to Green Your Move

You're eco-conscious and want nothing more than to help the planet. As a friend to the earth, the idea of doing anything that creates waste or adds to the approximately 258 million tons of solid waste that Americans generate annually is just not for you. You recycle, upcycle, and reuse everything you can. And that serious level of eco-commitment should extend into your move.

Greening the moving process is an easy way to give the environment a break and do something good for the planet. What can you do to make sure that your move is as green as possible? Take a look at these simple ways to make your move eco-friendly.

Choose Reusable Boxes

Each year Americans throw away a total of 90 million cardboard boxes, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. The dishes, your books, the silverware, and everything else that you need to package requires a box before your big moving day. Instead of the traditional cardboard boxes — which often end up in the trash — try the reusable plastic version.

Not only are plastic moving bins eco-friendly, but they're also better at protecting your belongings than cardboard is. The plastic can keep the rain, bugs, and anything else out of your precious items. It also is often easier to move. Whether the tubs have handles on the sides or are on wheels, these reusable moving boxes won't cause the same physical strain that the cardboard kind can.

The bonus benefit, in an eco-sense, of plastic tubs is the ability to use them over and over again. This doesn't mean you have to stash them in the basement and wait for your next move — even though you could. You can also reuse the tubs as toy storage, book storage, or as places to keep your winter wardrobe during the summer heat.

Upcycle the Supplies

Even though plastic tubs are a reusable, eco-friendly option, they aren't always an option for every move. Whether you don't have access to these tubs or you can't afford the cost, you don't have to feel like you're failing the environment just because you can't use them. If cardboard packing boxes are in your future, you can still make the move green.

Taking the leftover boxes to a local recycling center is an easy way to make sure that they don't end up in a landfill. You can also upcycle this essential moving supply, reusing it for another purpose. This might mean handing the boxes over to the kids so that they can transform the cardboard into imaginative art, playhouses, airplanes, or almost anything else.

Skip the Packing Peanuts

Your breakables need cushioning during the move. While it's tempting to pack them in a box that's filled with those tiny little foam peanuts, it's also not the best way to show your eco-friendly ways. Man-made packing products aren't biodegradable and will only end up polluting the planet.

How can you keep your breakable belongings safe without Styrofoam? Instead of using packing peanuts or other foam products, try wrapping your dishes, glasses, and other delicate items with towels or newsprint (avoid print that has ink on it, as it may rub off on your belongings).

Another option is to choose an eco-friendly packing material, such as products made with mushroom mycelium. Even though this may sound strange, it won't litter landfills for eons like plastic or foam peanuts will.

Now that you're ready to green your move, you need professional help with the trip from one home to the next. Do you need to hire a moving company with plenty of expertise? Contact Superior Economy Moving for more information.
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