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Essentials to Pack in Your Car When You Move

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A long-distance move requires coordination between selling a house, closing on a new home, scheduling the move, starting a new job, and preparing your family. The process is often overwhelming due to all the details you must attend to.
If things don't align just right, you may spend a few nights in a hotel while you wait for your movers to arrive. You might even have to put things in storage if your new home isn't ready, so it's always best to prepare for the unexpected.
One thing that helps is to make an essentials box for each member of your family. Keep the boxes with you in the car rather than load them on the truck so that you have a few essential items if you need them. Here are suggestions for things to pack in your family's boxes.

A Few Changes of Clothing

You may spend a few nights on the road to your new home, and changing clothes will help you feel better and will lift your spirits. Pack a few pairs of underwear, socks, pants, and shirts for each family member.
Your essentials box doesn't necessarily have to be a box. You can use your suitcases rather than pack the suitcases on a moving truck. Placing dress clothes in a suitcase or garment bag prevents wrinkles so you look presentable if you need clothes for work before you unpack the moving boxes.

Entertainment for Kids

Moving stress affects kids too, and providing entertainment can lighten the mood and keep them occupied. Some things that might help are audiobooks, movies, electronic games, music, coloring books, and favorite toys.
Tablets and smartphones occupy your kids too — just be sure to bring the chargers. Entertainment helps a long drive go quicker, and it helps keep your kids busy during the first days in the new home when you're frazzled with unpacking and setting up the new house.

Small Appliances You Can't Live Without

You don't want to carry unnecessary or bulky items in your suitcases or essentials box, but there may be things you don't want to live without once you arrive at your new home. If you'll spend a day or two in the home before the moving truck arrives, you’re going to want your coffee maker.
An electric pressure cooker or slow cooker might be useful too because you'll be able to cook a variety of meals without an oven. Plus, you can load the cooker with food and then go about cleaning the house while it cooks.
If you or your spouse will start work, or if the kids will start school, before your laundry room is ready, pack an iron or travel steamer so clothing looks nice after using a laundromat or washing by hand.

Medicine and Important Documents You Might Need

Be sure to carry medicine with you rather than pack it on the truck. Include things like vitamins and contact lens care products. Carry anything you’ll need while on the road and anything you’ll want handy as soon as you arrive at your new home.
Important documents are necessary to keep in your possession too. You might need identification papers, medical records, and the moving contract during the move, so you want them where you can get them immediately.

Grooming Products You Use Daily

Pack shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving supplies, wet wipes, toilet paper, lotion, and any other grooming supplies you use regularly.
These make cleaning up on the road easier, and having them handy ensures your family has enough supplies for a hotel stay or for a relaxing shower upon arriving at your new home.
You can carry your essentials box or suitcase with you in your car, but you can also designate certain boxes on the moving truck as ones to open first. Label them accordingly and have them put on the truck last so they come off first. This way, you'll have the supplies you need in a hurry so you can clean your home and get it ready to unpack the rest of your belongings.
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