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Apps to Help You Move

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Your smartphone can be the key to an easy move. Forget about notebooks, post-it notes, and lengthy lists. The modern move can be an organized event with the help of a few strategically used apps on your phone. Whether you're ready to move across town or across the country, take a look at the Android and iOS apps that can eliminate stress and streamline the process.

Listing Apps

Prepping for your move with a detailed to-do list increases overall organization and efficiency. Listing or to-do list apps make this step easier and allow you to keep your pre-move information at your fingertips. Along with the organizational aspect of these apps, they make it easy to keep track of your move while you're on the go. You'll have everything on your to-do list whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere else.
If you're in the listing phase of your move, consider one of these apps:
  • Wunderlist. Not only can you organize your pre-move list with this app, but you can share it with your family, roommates, or whoever else needs to be in the know about these activities. You can also set reminders to make sure that you stay on track. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Bear. This iOS app lets you take notes and keep lists, all on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Go in-depth or write abbreviated lists — both are supported by this app option.
  • Todoist. Make lists, keep track of your move's progress, and plan with this easy-to-use Android or iOS app.
After creating a living to-do list through an app that allows you to update it constantly, you can start taking an inventory of what you have to move.

Inventory Apps

These apps allow you to create a master inventory of all your to-move items. An inventory serves a dual-purpose during your move. It allows you to organize your belongings so you can make sure that you move everything from one home to the next. Along with during the move, these apps can also help when you get to your new home, such as in the event that you lose an item (or items) mid-move.
A variety of home inventory apps are available, including:
  • Sortly. A top pick for both Android and iOS devices, this app gives you the ability to create organizational folders and subfolders. You can also add searchable tags, making the post-move time easier. One of the best moving features of this inventory app is the ability to make printable QR labels.
  • Nest Egg. iOS users can create a moving inventory, adding photos of each item along with information.
  • Magic Home Inventory. This app for Android devices lets you create an inventory for multiple properties and list items by category.
Along with inventorying what you're moving to a new home, you can also use these (and similar) apps to create lists of items that you're leaving in storage.

After-the-Move Apps

Settling into your new house and neighborhood is part of the moving the process. And these apps can make the transition easier:
  • Nextdoor. Learn everything there is to know about your new neighborhood with this Android or iOS app. Join a neighborhood group and meet the people who live in your area.
  • Nearify. This Android and iOS app helps you to find events near to your new home.
After the moving truck leaves, these apps can help you to organize unpacking activities and learn more about your new neighborhood.
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